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On Angular $resource

It is said that your services should always be heavier than your controllers. That’s a generally a good architectural metric, but not at the expense of simplicity; particularily for REST services.

Here’s a super simple approach in Angular that I’ve found that keeps some cruft from your controllers.

Bootstrapping AngularJS in Existing Application Frameworks

Lately, I’ve been spending alot of time in coding in AngularJS, in my case; porting existing functionality from an existing application. One challenge has been keeping the bulk of the application intact, while introducing an Angular architecture on top. Sometimes, it’s just not feasbile to rewrite everything and one must take a modular approach.

Thankfully, the Angular team provides us angular.bootstrap.js ( which has nothing to do with that twitter boilerplate thing)…

The Carousel of Progress

After jsConf this year, I took the family to Disney World (what a guy, right?). One ride that I had never been on before was the Carousel of Progress; a journey through time that celebrates change. Professionally, I felt like I’ve been on that ride without being allowed to get off for the last few years.

The Importance of Optimizing JavaScript for Responsive Design

So many responsive design solutions involve client-side detection, polyfills, data-attrs and event remapping. This all works fine, but as more and more sites begin to move toward a responsive design the importance of JavaScript optimization is more relevant than ever. More often than not, implementing a responsive design means more JavaScript and more logic. The Kb size debate for responsive sites is important, but often overlooked is the computational impact.

I’m not a micro-optimization troll (there’s plenty of that out there), but it’s shocking how some devices perform with the simple things we all take for granted. I would argue that for most devices, processing and latency are more important than Kb size.

So let’s take a look…

JS Classes Ain’t Dead Yet

Interesting stuff coming out about js Classes in Alex Russell’s blog post.

I’m a of fan of classes for some things in js (modular widgets, mostly). So I hope this fight is not over. Max/Min is all I really want anyway.

Here’s a great response by Malte Ubl.

Responsive Modules

Update: Refactored to remove namespacing.

A lot has been said about Responsive Design lately. It’s primary a design movement, but the real problem it tries to solve is making content “flow like water.” To me it’s not about media queries, or 100% image widths, it’s about: one url, one codebase, and future-proofing new capabilities to maximize user experience.

Therefore, I give you: Responsive Modules.

Very Important Matters

I was recently asked to put together a list of the most important issues in UI development on the web today and here’s what I came up with: